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Cactus Fruit


Single – 1 Piece


Cactus fruit, also named “prickly pear” is the edible fruit of the Opuntia (nopales cactus) plant native to Central America where it’s a staple food. Despite the cactus fruit’s spiked appearance, it’s contents are completely edible and taste of a wonderfully natural synergy between bubblegum & watermelon!
• Rich source of calcium which strengthens teeth & bone
• Decreases the risk of diabetes and blood cholesterol imbalance
• Strengthens the immune system function
• Loaded with important Antioxidants & Vitamins
• High dietary fiber content aides digestion
• Natural Anti-Cancerous effects
• Is known to alleviate hypertension
• Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antihistamine in nature

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